Terms & Conditions

The use of the connectwo web-site is conditional based on your acceptance of the sites terms and conditions agreed by you on completion of your profile details. You have the right to cancel this agreement at anytime by terminating your membership to the site.

The agreement is an individual one between connectwo.eu and your self. The user of the web-site must be over 18 years of age. The general registration to the site is 100%. This allows you to complete a basic profile and upload photos onto the site. The photographs should be a facial or body shot. These should not contain nudity or pornographic images.

Connectwo.eu has the right to cancel any membership with immediate effect if conditions are breached.

Connectwo.eu reserve the right to delete profiles of members who are using the site for commercial or financial gain. Any members who ask others for money or to participate in potential investment and possible scams that bring the reputation of the site into question will have profiles removed without question.

Our policy is that ladies date 100% free providing they upload a photo. If they do not upload a photo they will be put on a holding page until they do. Reminders will be sent to them to upload the requested photo. At this point their details will be put onto the full site.

Gentlemen will date with an option of one of three payment arrangements:

Monthly Payment Arrangement.
Special Connectwo offer Deal.
The Annual one of Payment Arrangement.

These rates will be defined on the Pay pal Options.

Connectwo.eu reserve the right to change the payment structure as agreed by the company Directors.

Our Business focus is on UK and Eastern European Dating. We aim in our business plan to offer a quality value for money service. The site is however open to members outside these defined locations.

When you register on the site you will need to provide a user name and email address. This is very important information and should be protected by you at all times. There is a facility on the site to change your password if you require.

Payment is organised by our pay pal facility system. You will then be sent written confirmation regarding your transaction with Connectwo.

Connectwo.eu will not refund money once the payment has been made.  A member will be removed from the site due to failure to comply with the sites policies and procedures. This payment will not be refundable.




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